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  1. Pas
    tor Thomas in Christ,
    Greetings, this is Pastor David Livingston serving the Lord in the Rural part of South India among rural hindu villages with a vision to bring people from the darkness to the light of JESUS CHRIST.

    Pastor Thomas i just want to congratulate and bless you in the name of the FATHER , SON and the HOLY SPIRIT for all the messages which are really heart touching. Praise GOD for that.
    I love the message GODS INTERRUPTION regarding christmas.
    Great Pastor. May the good LORD bless you and use your for many more people and to the nations.
    I will share more about our family and ministry in my next mail to you.
    We really appreciate your reply.
    May the good Lord continue to bless your family and ministry as well.
    In HIS service,
    Pastor DAVID

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